How to reverse MPesa Payment

- Sep 29, 2019

Sometimes you might find yourself sending money to a wrong MPesa number, and the first instinct is to blame Safaricom. Well, this is a normal reaction to blame the flatform owner. 

Safaricom has made it easier for you to reverse a transaction sent to the wrong number. 

Option 1 of reversing a wrong MPesa Transaction

  • Once you click on send, MPesa will send you an STK push to confirm your transaction. In this case, enter any digit and click send.
  • Your transaction will be cancelled by MPesa

Option 2 of reversing a wrong MPesa transaction

  • Go to your SMS and copy the transaction code.
  • Create a blank SMS and paste the transaction code. 
  • Send the code to 456
  • Safaricom MPesa will reverse that transaction. Ensure this is done immediately before the recipient withdraws the cash.

Lastly, you cannot reverse a Buy Goods transaction. Safaricom is not authorized to carry out LIPA NA M-PESA reversals unless they receive official communication from the merchant/seller.

If by chance you send to the wrong Till number, call 100 or 234 for prepay customer and 200 for postpaid customers.

As a rule of thumb, make sure to confirm the number you are sending to before you click "Send", it will save you a lot of headaches.

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