How to cook minced meat

MyZuki - Sep 15, 2019

To get the best flavour from your minced beef, you should brown it slightly before you add it to your recipe. Minced meat takes at least 30 minutes to prepare and serve.


  • 500 grams minced meat 
  • A tablespoon of plain flour 
  • 300ml beef stock 
  • A tablespoon of light olive oil Salt
  • One large chopped onion 


  • Add oil to a pan and allow it to get hot.
  • Add your minced meat and the onions to the pan.
  • Stir to make sure the minced meat doesn’t stick to the pan and browns evenly
  • In case of excess liquid in the minced meat, pour the minced meat into a strainer to remove the liquid.
  • You can use the juices in your sauce as stock, to add flavour.
  • Add stock and seasoning. 
  • Bring the mixture to boiling until it thickens 
  • Simmer it for ten minutes on low heat.
  • It's ready to serve with potatoes, rice or spaghetti
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